Prof. dr. Matthias Varga Von Kibèd 15-16-17 January 2018
The impact of the Coach on the client's constellation and system.
This is the first time that Matthias Varga Von Kibed, a world-renowned expert, is exploring this theme in Belgium and the Netherlands.
During these 3 days you discover how your dynamics and that of the client interfere, 'collide', collude, connect ...
We give you the opportunity to participate in reduced costs at this workshop, fee for this three-day program 795 € (incl lunches and coffee breaks, ex VAT and hotel)
Do you want to make use of this offer?
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Hopefully we meet each other at the workshop.
Martine Migom - Valere Cauwenberg
This workshop is the first module of the Masterclass Systemic Coaching 2018 which is executed in English.


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20 janvier 2017

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